Beauty’s Cultural Standards

Every culture has different standards for aesthetics. Some difference are small and others grow larger the more you notice them. For instance the ideal of beauty for women in South Korea makes itself more and more apparent as one strolls down the streets and especially as one sits in from of the TV. On America the ideal of beauty held for women focuses on sexy. What body shape, muscle tone, facial structure, and hair styles can make a women sexy are the most desirable. However, I've noticed a difference in South Korea. Th is difference distinguishes itself the most through television where nearly every actress looks and acts cutsy. Sitting in front of the TV with my new friends I learned to identify marks of plastic surgery from eyes cut abnormally wide to skin bleached far too pale. Each deliberate change to the actresses' appearances further underlined the beauty ideal I'd begun to notice in South Korea. While we aim for sexy, they aim for cute innocence.

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