A Summer to Remember

When I was first introduced to the possibility of studying engineering in Germany over a half dozen weeks, I was immediately captivated with excitement. When considering how I could spend my time over the summer, no possibilities were relevant by comparison when considering how indelible this trip could be, but also no comparison in productivity to continue advancing my engineering career. I am very thankful to be able to enjoy my summer in a new land while also continuing to advance my education, which could prove very beneficial for my schedule and academic goals in the future.
In terms of what I hope to achieve and gain from six weeks of study in Germany, my primary goal is a good grade in Statics and Dynamics to exemplify my firm understanding of the course material. Secondly, I hope that my immersion into another culture and life will help broaden my perspective on people of the world, rather than only the culture and people of my own nation.
Being the seasoned age of 22 years old, I assume I am the oldest person in the Summer Program in Germany, perhaps older than the professors. But hopefully my added maturity can become a benefit to the group as a whole throughout our group travel.
My prayer for the group is that all of our travels and trips happen safely, both flying between countries, and also when navigating within Berlin. I also pray that students maintain focus and motivation to maximize the influence of our studies and that we live well together in over the next several weeks.

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