First Thoughts

I am really excited to travel to Germany this afternoon!!! I think that one of the main reasons that I am so excited to be on this trip is to experience a culture that is so different than the one I live in. A culture that puts value in  having a few really close friends rather than trying to get the most “friends” possible just to name one.Regardless of the differences, big or small, it’s exciting to see a how diverse God’s Creation is even among the same species. I think what I really hope for out of this trip is not so much about what I get out of the class (even though it’s important as well), but rather what I get out of being in another country. As an engineering student that is also trying to major in German, I believe that being able to see the culture, taste the food, hear and speak the language in an authentic setting will be very helpful for my fluency and understanding of German.

Everyone has their own unique strength that they can bring to the group, if I had to guess on what I could bring to the group it would probably have to be a drive to explore as much of the city as possible, which in turn will hopefully inspire more people to explore the city we are blessed to be able to travel to. My prayer (and hopefully yours as well) would be for a  trip that we grow as people. That we may use this time steeped in another culture to evaluate ourselves and how and why we do certain things and  use that to develop more fully as Christ’s servants.


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