First Thoughts

I am very excited to be on this trip. I am looking forward to experiencing a different culture and learning more about engineering and the german language. I hope that by the end of this trip I am comfortable traveling in a different country alone and speaking a foreign language.

I believe that I have a good sense of directions, so I think that my navigation skills will come in handy for the group.

I pray that everyone stays safe on this trip and has a very fun time. I also pray for prof. De Roy’s recovery.

First Thoughts

I am so excited to go on this trip. This is going to be a whirlwind of completely new experiences for me. I have never been to another country, I have never flown on an international plane. I have never been fully immersed in a different culture. This summer I hope to be able to throw myself at new experiences and come out a new person. I want to be changed this summer by the people I meet, the places I go, and even the food I eat!

I hope to complete Engr 202 with the rest of my class and learn a lot more about engineering, and have a new respect for working hard to complete my work on time. I think I will be able to bring a fun and adventurous attitude to our group and keep everyone at an upbeat mood. My prayer for this summer is that I will learn a lot about Germany, and engineering, and how the two are related. I pray that I will experience a wide range of German culture, and that those experiences will change my outlook on the world!

First Thoughts

I am really excited to travel to Germany this afternoon!!! I think that one of the main reasons that I am so excited to be on this trip is to experience a culture that is so different than the one I live in. A culture that puts value in  having a few really close friends rather than trying to get the most “friends” possible just to name one. Continue reading “First Thoughts”

First Thoughts Before Our Adventure!

Calvin offers so many cool traveling opportunities for its students, and the Engineering Summer Program in Germany seems like one too good to pass up! I decided to embark on this journey for multiple reasons, all of which trump staying at home to work at a grocery store cashier.

Taking Engineering 202 will help me master concepts that I learned in Physics 133, and I will be more prepared for Physics 235 in the fall semester. I will only be learning 202 and a German course simultaneously, so this trip gives me an option NOT to juggle four technical classes at one time.

I’m also going on this trip because I get to experience a totally different culture with unique food, architecture, and language, and all in the company of friends 🙂 Continue reading “First Thoughts Before Our Adventure!”

First Thoughts

I decided to go on this trip to experience a different culture and for a little bit of adventure. I’m also looking forward to being surrounded by history and cool architecture. In addition to learning about statics and dynamics, I hope to learn more about German culture, and how to adapt to a foreign environment. I think the biggest thing I can contribute to the group is that I am usually willing to help anyone with anything. My prayer request would be that we would all stay safe while having a great adventure, and that we would all stay on top of our classes.

A Summer to Remember

When I was first introduced to the possibility of studying engineering in Germany over a half dozen weeks, I was immediately captivated with excitement. When considering how I could spend my time over the summer, no possibilities were relevant by comparison when considering how indelible this trip could be, but also no comparison in productivity to continue advancing my engineering career. I am very thankful to be able to enjoy my summer in a new land while also continuing to advance my education, which could prove very beneficial for my schedule and academic goals in the future. Continue reading “A Summer to Remember”

Stepping Into Another World

Traveling different places around the globe is one of the most exciting and valuable, yet terrifying, experiences out there; experiencing different culture in other places can often be an eye-opening experience that requires you to step out of your comfort zone and try out different thing which can be exciting and terrifying.

Continue reading “Stepping Into Another World”

First Thoughts

I heard about the Calvin Summer Program in Germany quite literally the first full day I was on campus. During orientation, I sat down with Professor Nielsen to go over my tentative schedule for the next 2 to 3 years. As my eyes began to ever-so-slightly glaze over, for orientation is a long day and this appointment was later in the afternoon, Professor Nielsen made an offhand comment that made me pay very close attention again.  Continue reading “First Thoughts”