Reflections on Germany

Studying for German to go on this trip has given me several opinions or ideas about Germany. I came to these opinions through my own research or what my professors  told me in class. However, actually experiencing Germany was an entirely different and more accurate (I believe) depiction of what German is like. For one example, I was told that talking to people on the street was looked weird and that Germans don’t really talk to strangers (preferring a few really good friends than “superficial” friendships), but I have had several Germans start a

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Initial reflections

Living in Germany is a big change from living in America. Berlin is much more fast paced and very set on a specific schedule where as back home, I can live on my own schedule and I don’t have to worry about catching busses or trains. I miss not having my own car but the public transportation here is very good. I really miss air conditioning. Basically every building we go into doesn’t have air conditioning. I also miss having an oven and a refridgerator because we are very limited as to what we can buy from the grocery store. We have been living off microwaveable noodles and bread with Nutella. I wish America was as strong on recycling as Germany is. We save all of our bottles because we can return them for .25 euros each. I also wish America had more german food like good bratwursts, döners, and drinks.

Initial reflections of Berlin

My first impressions of Berlin are that there is more open space than any other European city that I have visited. I was excited to come visit Germany because soccer and or Futbol is the most popular sport in the country. I have been able to try new foods, Doner is my favorite. I have also come to appreciate public transportation which I don’t use in the united states. I miss free drinking water and air conditioning. The things I would bring back are these candies called Fruit and Mezzo Mix which is Cola mixed with Fanta. Mezzo Mix is only sold and produced officially in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. I am pretty sure I could make my own Mezzo Mix at home.

Initial Reflections

This past week has been a whirlwind. We hit the ground running, visiting new places only on public transportation, which is a new experience for me. We had classes for four days and our first test here. But also during this week, we visited so many places that it is difficult to even remember where we went on which days.

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