Vermeer, Middelburg, Brugge

Our day began with a visit to the Vermeer Corp location in Goes, NL.  Bob Shuman and members of his staff described the Vermeer corporation and the work they do in Goes.  We were given a great tour of the place and were able to ask lots of questions.

We then headed to the Oosterschelde, one of the other major storm barriers keeping the country safe from big storms.  Our next stop was the small town of Veere.  The town used to be a port city on the North Sea, but when the storm surge barrier was installed, they no longer have access to the North Sea.  Students were on their own to find lunch in the city of Middelburg in the Province of Zeeland.

Finally, we returned to the bus to drive to our destination for the night, Brugges, Belgium.  After checking into the hotel, we had dinner at Maximilian’s restaurant.  Dinner was excellent and the students walked with the professors to the city square after finishing our meal.