Flight cancelled

Our flight was cancelled.

We got vouchers for a local hotel and are rescheduled for a 5:00pm flight tomorrow.  We should arrive in Amsterdam early Sunday morning. Currently (11:00pm) we are waiting to get our luggage.

So here is the limited info that I know – we never left the gate.
we were suppose to board at 5:17pm and leave around 6:00pm.
At 5:40 they announced that the plane needed to be security inspected and safety inspected since it was an international flight
At 6:15ish they announced that they were waiting for a response from maintenance since they found a “dent” in the wing.
Around 7:15 they said the flight was on and they asked us to get on board. They said we would depart at 7:30
Once on board they said we would depart at 8:00
After 8:00 the captian announced that he could not get information so he was going to get off the plane and figure out why there was a delay.
Finally around 8:30ish they said that the flight was cancelled.
During this time they said that maintence took picture of the dent and emailed them to headquarters. They then had to emial them to Air France
I guess no engineer was willing to give the okay based on photos of a dent.
When we were in line for getting our hotels arranged, I mentioned that we were engineering professors and that most of the group were engineering students and we wondered if we could have a picture of the dent. The person helping us just smiled and said that most likely that was not going to happen.
We figured that this is definitely a mechanical problem not an electrical or civil problem.

Besides not going anywhere, everyone is doing well


Prof De Rooy