Anne Frank Huis

We had the opportunity to visit the Anne Frank house. This was an interesting, and sobering experience. As we walked through the cramped passage and small rooms that made up Anne Frank’s whole world for two years, I was struck first at the fear, and brutality the Nazis brought with them into the Netherlands, and also the simple courage of the people who helped the Franks to hide. There was one quote from one of the neighborhood ladies that agreed to help them that read “They were in need, and I was in a position to help them. It was as simple as that.” Not to mention she put her life and her family’s lives on the line for this family, but she knew it was right and did not hesitate to help them. Such compassion and faith is inspiring. We were also able to glimpse the amazing impact her journal has had on the world. It has been translated into more than 70 language and has printed millions of copies. Overall it was a very interesting experience.