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    Team Plastic Power is made up of three Chemical Engineering students from Calvin College

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  • The Project

    Team Plastic Power is designing a process to convert post consumer use waste plastic into usable diesel fuel.

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The goal of our project is to develop a process to convert waste plastic, otherwise​ destined for landfills, into diesel fuel. This ​design is based around a reactor where the​ polymers present in the waste plastic are thermally degraded into smaller molecules through pyrolysis. This reaction produces a gas, an oil, and a char product. The reactor conditions will be optimized to maximize​ production of the oil product which will be​ processed further into diesel fuel. ​

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Project Documents

Here you will find all documents associated with our team and our project.

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Calvin College

Calvin College is a Christian college located in Grand Rapids MI

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Engineering Senior Design

The Engineering Senior Design class at Calvin College actively engages students in a year long design course.

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Project Background

Understand some of the more detailed aspects of team Plastic Power's project