Project Background

The original model for this project launched 2 years ago with the Student Development Office as its customer. However, due to failure in both functionality and aesthetics in both the Calvin Bolt 1.0 & 2.0, the Student Development Office handed the venture over to the Engineering Department. With the discussion of what to do with the Calvin Bolt 2.0, the department decided to keep the vehicle, however with no concrete plans for it - until now. After listening to Professor Nielsen about the reasoning behind the decision to keep the vehicle along with its history, Professor Nielsen’s expressed his longing for some sort of representation for Calvin Engineering. With this longing in mind, we began to take notice of the absence of Calvin Engineering's presence on campus nor any visual representation to show for it. That is, except for the Engineering Building; which even then, lacks student made projects containing a “wow” factor upon first glances, especially for prospective students considering Calvin College for Engineering. In comparison to larger schools, the presence of their Engineering program can highly be seen and heard of by prospective as well as current students. With such a successful and prestigious Engineering program, what is the reasoning behind the lack of visual representation? Time. Every year it seems, a senior design team aims past the stars in hopes of creating a functional and aesthetically appealing vehicle all within 9 months or less. However, as the past has revealed, this feat is unfortunately unrealistic. As a result, learning from the past, we hope to set a platform this year which will allow future senior design groups to use and build upon so that Professor Nielsen's longing can become fulfilled as well as helping current and prospective students discover the joys of Engineering at Calvin College.                



Project Summary

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The long term objective of this project is to modify the Calvin Bolt in such a way that represents Calvin engineering to perspective and current students. However, the short term objective is to begin a platform in which every year a senior design team works in-depth on a portion of the vehicle to meet the long term objective of creating a functional and reliable vehicle. The creation of this platform opens the opportunity for future interested students to work with a vehicle for senior design as well as meeting the current long term objective.



This project is focused on improving the Calvin Bolt's steering and (front) braking systems. Team 5 will go in depth on the design of each of these systems and improve what we can. If there is adequate time remaining, the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle will be improved as well as possibly additions of a few bells and whistles such as the utility of documentation software. To do this, the Calvin Bolt must be safe to ride in and designed so that it can be modified and improved upon by future senior design teams. The following are three specifications how our team will breakdown the approach.

The steering system is one of the aspects that came up short during last year's test drive and needs to be improved.  We will look into the options of different steering systems and which of them would work best and be most suitable for the forces that this vehicle will be under during its operation.

The braking system is also one of the major issues that were pointed out by the Calvin Bolt 2.0 Team, which it was not as effective as they expected. A possible cause is suspected by lack of a sufficient pressure through the brake lines. To avoid repeating the same mistakes from last year, our team will test the vehicle multiple times and exam components of the braking mechanism thoroughly.  

Documentation software is a method of storing information for future senior design teams who will continue working on the Calvin Bolt. In case which this project is going to be extended for the next four years, everything that has been done through the design process needs to be documented in a proper way as future senior design teams can use our calculation, including uncertainties, for their future. We will look more program options based on software packages that Calvin owns.



Design Norms

Trust   To build a firm credibility with future senior design teams, we must provide reliable analytical results so they can re-use.

Integrity   Not only being honest to each other, but each team member should be able to build good reputation with engineering professors.

Stewardship   In management wise, the team should not consider this project for one time use. By taking the educational intention of Calvin's mission and the philosophy of Calvin Engineering department, we consider this project as a way to succeeding the service-learning and hands-on experiences in God.

Perseverance   This project is one of the middle process of Calvin Engineering's long term plan. No predestination cannot be allowed.