Team Members


Bernice Portugal

Mechanical Engineering

Bernice Portugal is a senior Engineering Student with a mechanical concentration. After working with a team in high school to design, build, and race a solar-powered boat throughout Southern California, she was introduced to the world of engineering. Bernice loves discovering unique applications of Engineering, especially in the renewable energy sector. Beyond the classroom setting, Bernice loves exploring new territory, watching films, and, through cooking, learning about different cultures around the world. Upon graduation, Bernice hopes to relocate back to her hometown, Los Angeles, California, where she will be able to further explore the vast opportunities Engineering can provide as well as inspiring more women to take an interest in Engineering.


Dong-sup (Phillip) Kim

Mechanical Engineering

Phillip is a senior student at Calvin College pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering. He was born in South Korea and came to the United States for high school and college education. He perceived his talent in mechanical engineering under his father's influence, who is an engineer, and his experience in the Air Force. Phillip's strength is constantly challenging himself to learn new subjects. Along with other engineering experiences, He is currently working as an apprentice for Dr. Tubergen, Calvin College mechanical engineering professor, for the VortX project. After college, he plans to find a full-time job as a professional engineer.


Nathan Swaim

Mechanical Engineering

Nathan Swaim is a senior majoring in physics & mechanical engineering. He attended Whitinsville Christian School in Whitinsville Massachusetts before enrolling at Gordon College. After earning a bachelor's in physics, he came to Calvin in pursuit of a second bachelors in mechanical engineering. He currently participates in college cross country and Army ROTC.  During the summer, Nathan spends his time training for cross country and working at a small Bible camp in New York State. Upon graduation, Nathan will commission into the US Army as an artillery officer. His future pursuits include becoming a missionary, building something really cool, and coaching cross country.



Samuel Hanover

Mechanical Engineering

Samuel is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Engineering with Mechanical concentration at Calvin College.  He is from St. Johns, MI. He choose the path of engineering from the influence of his mom who is a chemical engineering. He enjoys solving problems in the quickest most efficient way possible. He played four years of varsity soccer for Calvin, other than soccer, he enjoys playing golf and guitar. He choose to be apart of this design project to better his understanding of motor vehicles.  After college, he will working full-time for Burr Oak Tool in Sturgis, MI as a design engineer.  His major responsibilities for this project were project manager and CAD drafter.