The Project


The community of Chañac San Miguel, Ecuador currently operates a water system, known as Chañac Puelaso, that was intended to be temporary when it was implemented 30 years ago. This existing system is inadequate, deteriorating, and needs serious renovations as the community is growing and relocating homes. Team 06 partnered with the organizations Life Giving Water International and Codiense to analyze the existing water distribution system. They produced design  recommendations for retrofitting and replacing the current  system to provide each home with drinking water.

Two members of Team 06 traveled to Ecuador in January 2017 to meet the community and take a geographic survey of the locations of existing and future home sites as well as      salvageable parts of the existing water system. Team 06 then designed a system that integrated the existing feedline,     splitting tank and two existing storage tanks with one new storage tank and one new pressure breaking tank. This design provides fresh water to all new and existing homes via a     network of new, buried PVC pipes.