The Roundabout Project




Roundabout Model

Parking Lot Model

Calvin College Road & Parking Lot Improvements


The purpose of our project was to improve the vehicular circulation on the southwest side of the Calvin College campus. This project was based on concepts proposed in Calvin’s most recent master plan, seen above. The main focus of the project was to redesign the intersection where the entrance from Burton Street meets Knollcrest Circle. This intersection can be tricky to go through due to its unusual layout, creating confusion and delay, while a parking lot entrance and 3 crosswalks in the intersection poses a danger to pedestrians.

The proposed solution to this problem is to design a single-lane roundabout to replace the existing intersection, seen below. This will handle traffic more efficiently, reduce confusion, and reduce pedestrian conflicts. A roundabout would also presents chance to include welcoming landscaped feature at Calvin’s main entrance.

Redesigning the roundabout also opens the opportunity to make further modifications to campus roads. The section of Knollcrest Circle on the west side of campus is proposed to be shifted to the outermost edge of campus in order to both reduce the pedestrian traffic across the road and connect the engineering building to the main part of campus. While redesigning the parking lot as a result of moving the road, maintaining a similar parking capacity was imperitave. Additionally, the Spoelhof Center entrance and parking lot were redesigned to increase the green space and add more visitor parkingTo increase the infiltration and decrease runoff volume, a rain garden was designed for a portion of the parking lot. Finally, speed and noise reduction of vehicles along the proposed Knollcrest Circle were addressed by designing speed tables, stop signs, and noise barrier.