Team 14- Self Driving Vehicle

Team Composition:
Team 14 is a team of three Electrical & Computer concentration engineers combined with one Mechanical concentration engineer. The Team members listed from left-to-right are: Peter Jung (E&C), Levi Dobson (E&C), Josiah Markvluwer (Mech), and Peter Ye (E&C). The project we are working on is an autonomous driving vehicle, which was chosen as a result of common interest in Automated Driving.

Our School:

Calvin College is an ABET accredited engineering program that requires a team project as a senior capstone that is meant to draw from engineering classes previously taken by the senior design teams. For a complete list of teams and links to their project please click the link below.

Calvin Senior Design


The Implementation of our Autopilot Rover uses a Pixhawk flight controller combined with QGroundControl Software and an advanced Ublox Differential Global Positioning System in order to map and plan the movement of the vehicle. The high precision GPS ensures that the vehicle will stay on track and the QGroundControl system will enable the team to automate the movement of the rover. The picture below shows the process of geofencing which limits automation to the particular zone chosen. In addition, the team hopes to ensure safe driving of the vehicle by adding sensors such as LIDAR and a camera with Open software to detect stop signs.


The controller that will drive the Team 14 vehicle is the PixHawk Controller. Information about this multi-purpose controller can be found on the producer’s website. The link Below gives information about the controller in question. The GPS unit, the NEO-M8P, is the unit which will provide an high precision navigation information to the controller. The unit is described by the manufacturer, U-Blox, in a promotional video below.

PixHawk Info