Welcome! We are Senior Design Team 18: Dicycle


From Left to Right: Björn Krebs (ME), Ellen Reidy (ME) SunHo Sin (EE), Caleb Bieske (ME)


Executive Summary:

Team 18, known as Team Dicycle, consists of four, senior engineering students: Caleb Bieske (ME), Björn Krebs (ME), Ellen Reidy (ME), and SunHo Sin (EE). The team successfully designed and built a two-wheeled, pedal-powered vehicle called a Dicycle. Their design includes an assisted balancing mechanism, which helps the rider from tipping too far forwards or backwards.

The beginning goal of the project was to reestablish the common perception of a bicycle and create a vehicle that was innovative and unique. This involved placing two, 52 inch wheels on either side of the rider without having to add a third touch point for balance. Assuming the Dicycle would be used recreationally, the team had to make sure it was safe, reliable, and did not require lot of time to learn how to ride. Other goals were to make the final Dicycle comfortable to ride and aesthetically pleasing.

The main components of the Dicycle include the frame, assisted balancing mechanism, wheels, and pulley system. The final frame was made with aluminum, which greatly reduced the weight from the initial steel frame. The assisted balancing mechanism was designed using a gyroscope, motor, and weighted mass that counteracts the tilting movement from the rider. The wheels are 52 inches in diameter in order to allow for enough space for the seat, balancing mechanism, and pedals. The pulley system doubles as a turning and braking mechanism. By releasing tension from the belts with hand brakes, the rider can turn either direction or eliminate power to the wheels. With help from a friction brake, the rider will be able to come to a stop.