Executive Summary:

Team 20, vertiGrow, set out to build a vertical indoor farming solution with a design that would minimize the need for human interaction in operation. A compact and efficient indoor garden could be used in a variety of urban areas where proper conditions for plant growth could not be otherwise obtained. The potential for technology like this proves promising and exciting as the world’s population continues to grow, a practical problem that the team felt could be tackled from a Christian perspective through engineering.  The farm will consist of modular units that water and fertilize a variety of plants. With three students of mechanical concentration and one of electrical concentration, the team designed and analyzed a potential frame, watering and fertilizing system, linear motion system, lighting, and a web-based user interface to create a modular unit prototype. Consideration was also given to scaling these units into a full-scale vertical farm.  The prototype was successfully completed in the spring, and economic analysis suggests potential feasibility with some minor modifications.