Team Motivation: 

The goal of Team Marathoner is to design and optimize an energy efficient vehicle to compete in the April 2017 Shell Eco-Marathon challenge in Detroit, MI, sponsored by the Shell Oil Company.

The Shell Eco-Marathon provides the opportunity for our team to pursue a project that combines our collective interests in automobiles and sustainable practices. Each team member is a senior mechanical engineering student pursuing a career in sustainable engineering after graduation. Thus, an energy efficiency driving challenge puts to test our learned skills of prototype and design, optimization, and execution of a mechanical concept. In turn, the team hopes to obtain the invaluable knowledge and skills only accomplished through concept design and overcoming development challenges.

The Shell-Eco Marathon is an exciting way to explore methods to reduce carbon emissions while using our natural resources more responsibly in the context of automobiles, one of the most important and well used technologies in our day-to-day lives. Modern engineering and automobiles are on a path towards higher sustainability, and each member of our team is hoping to be a part of the change for the betterment of society. We hope to be a part of the transition of the future energy supply towards a greener and more energy conscientious future.