Update #11 – Saturday (4/29): WE PASSED TECHNICAL INSPECTION! Had a couple hiccups along the way but we managed to make the necessary changes and pass! Now to see how well it can run…

Official Team Pic

Update #10 – Friday (4/28): Official team pic before technical and safety inspection!

Workin hard

Update #9 – Friday (4/28): Workin hard to get our little guy ready for technical inspection.

Photo op

Update #8 – Friday (4/28): Little Phillipides lined up for the photo op.

Opening Ceremony

Update #7 – Friday (4/28):  Early morning for the crew – woke up at 6am for some mandatory team meetings before the Opening Ceremony.

Leavin for Detroit

Update #6 – Thursday (4/27): The time has come! Loaded up and heading out to Motor city!


Update #5: t-minus 2 days (and praying…)


whole thing

 Update #4: Testing exit time – the requirement is 10 seconds!


banana break

Update #3: The team takes regular banana (or as Joel calls them: ban-ann) breaks to keep us focused and nourished.



Update #2: Let the testing begin.



Update #1: We got our racing suit! Getting ready to start test driving.