Scott Stamper

Hello! I’m Scott Stamper, a senior mechanical engineering and biochemistry double major with a focus on pre-medicine at Calvin College. You might be thinking, “Wow, that sounds like a lot.” Believe me, it is; but my end goal in pursuing both paths is a career in biomedical engineering and, hopefully, attending medical school in the very near future. I have shadowed the medical department of the local sheriff’s department back home in Greene County, Ohio, and am currently in the process of applying for an internship in engineering. I believe this dual concentration I am undertaking brings a slightly more novel approach to this design project; while developing a toy may not necessarily relate to biochemistry, this additional set of skills I’ve obtained lends another set of problem solving and approach methods that enhance and contribute in different ways to a solely mechanical engineering approach. I have also had a lot of experience in technical, research, and journalistic writing, which may be the primary strength I bring to the group as its records keeper, tracking meeting minutes and editing the assorted reports necessary over the course.