Scuba diving is an incredible experience that allows the diver to experience God's creation in new and exciting ways. However, during the dive, the amount of air the diver has in the tanks restricts the area they can explore as well as the duration of the dive. The more the diver exerts themselves by swimming to new locations, the more air is used and the shorter the dive becomes. One of the most effective ways of solving this problem is to use a diver propulsion device (DPV). A DPV allows the diver to relax and hold on while they are effortlessly carried through the water. This allows the diver to explore a larger area while not losing valuable dive time.

We believe there is a gap in the market for a midsized, effective, and high quality recreational diver propulsion vehicle (DPV). We are aiming to bridge this gap through the development of the innovative solution, Aqua Glider. The Aqua Glider is designed to accommodate high levels of performance and control while maintaining a seamless integration into the natural sea environment. We are striving to design a product that equips the user with a means to delve into and attain an enriching experience of God’s creation.

With underwater speeds of up to 3 mph pulling a geared recreational Scuba Diver, the Aqua Glider will be competitive in the DPV market. The Aqua Glider holds an edge over the conventional diver propulsion vehicle with its ability to allow for higher levels of control and speed all wrapped in a new non-traditional hydrodynamic design. We enjoyed proving the concept of this innovative DPV.