Remote Stat Alarm

 Custom Hardware Shield

For our alarm hardware, we decided to go with a two part system. We used a Texas Instruments CC2640R2F microcontroller development board as the system base, and designed a custom shield to give the TI board extra functionality. The TI board acted as the “brain” of the system, while the shield hosted an LED array, solar energy harvesting circuit, and near field communication (NFC) tag. The alarm device used NFC to initiate the Bluetooth connection and has a virtually infinite lifetime due to the solar harvesting ability.

Final Prototype

The team designed and 3D printed a housing to showcase the product in the final presentations, and this housing can be seen above. The housing contains adequate space inside of it for the system components, and the boards are mounted so that the LEDs are centered underneath light diffusion bar that stretches across the housing. The housing also features sockets for the solar cell mounting, and the socket section was designed at an angle that points them towards the center of a hallway ceiling.