Be guarded. Know that the P.A.L. will always have your back.


Be independent. No longer do you need someone with you on those long swims or to carry the extra gear for kayaking adventures.


Be free. No longer do you need to drag something behind in the water.

The Personal Autonomous Lifeboat

Swimming on open waters alone is dangerous, especially when swimming long distances.

Watchmen and kayakers can supervise the swimmer, but this is inefficient and not always possible. For this reason, an autonomous device that ensures the swimmers safety is the best option.  

To fill this need, our team of engineers created P.A.L., the Personal Automated Lifeboat. P.A.L. follows the swimmer on open waters, granting them both independence and security. The P.A.L. replaces current flotation devices that hinder the swimmers mobility, while also providing quick, wireless communication to responders. The swimmer is able to go the distance with the assurance that if trouble arises, P.A.L. can get them back to shore.