The Goal:

We wish to design a wheelchair attachment that improves the mobility of a wheelchair in the winter or rough environments. This will be done by attaching a ratchet-type system to the main wheels to allow the person in the wheelchair to wheel by cranking on the ratchet handles. By giving the person in the wheelchair the ability to move while not having to touch their wet wheels, it reduces the likelihood of frostbite on their hands in the winter, and provides more torque to be able to move through harsher terrain. This system will be created in a way that is easy to put on and take off, which would allow minimal expenses to users of this system.

The Mission:

To increase manual wheelchair users’ ability to function independently in difficult terrains and environments.

The Problem:

All around the world there are different terrain environments that affect people on a day to day basis. These harsh environments have a large impact on the mobility on manuel wheelchair users. This includes environments like winter and non paved roads.


Photography by B. DeMaso Photography