January Update

All four members of the team are on campus for Calvin College’s January Interim Term. The team has begun designing the oil expeller system, which will consist of a purchased central shaft and housing as well as self-designed and built hopper, chain-driven drivetrain, oil collection bin, and waste collection trough. The total cost of the prototype is estimated to be $9,000.00 with an additional $6,000.00 cost of shipping ($15,000.00 total). Currently, the team does not have any funds at their disposal. As a result, fundraising is a primary goal along with furthering the design of the expeller machine. The team is awaiting an official document outlining South Sudan’s already pledged support for The Fröolja Project. Each member of the team believes that this project will have a significant positive impact within the young nation of South Sudan. Your prayers and any level of support would be greatly appreciated. If you’re interested in donating to The Fröolja Project, please see the website tab “How To Donate” for instructions.

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