Left from right: Preston Ji, Charlotte Ntim, Emma Huynh, Maame Sarpong

Charlotte Ntim​

I was inspired to study chemical engineering by the chemistry class I took in high school. I was intrigued by the separating of different hydrocarbons in crude oil via distillation. This sparked my interest in the petroleum industry and I was determined to become a chemical engineer ever since. Through the course of my college journey, I have gained a broader perspective in the chemical engineering industry and this has opened me up to different fields of chemical engineering including the food and pharmaceutical industries.​

Emma Huynh

I am a senior Chemical Engineering/Chemistry at Calvin College. I interned as Repcolite Paint Inc. in the summer of 2017. My responsibilities were to evaluate raw material, perform American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) tests, and help with quality control. Beside engineering, my biggest interest is travelling and I have been to several countries in Asia and South America. My dream is to travel to 25 countries before I turn 25.

Maame Sarpong​

I am a senior chemical engineering  student at Calvin College. I enjoy playing basketball and writing songs. Chemical engineering brings together two things I love, chemistry and mathematics. Last summer I interned at Tullow Oil in Ghana. My main project was to analyze and improve the insufficient cooling system on the Floating  Production  Storage and Offloading (FPSO) unit. After completing my bachelor’s degree, I would love to work at an oil company because I really enjoyed working at Tullow Oil.​

Preston Ji​

After living in China for 16 years, Preston traveled to the US to pursue knowledge of the wider world and the cultivation of the soul. After some peaceful years among the tall pines of South and North Carolina, with a mysterious turn of providence he landed in the icy swamp of the Michigan and the fierce forge of Calvin Engineering. He worked on a summer research project investigating the feasibility of a proposed nitrite – steel corrosion inhibition kinetics study with a Calvin engineering faculty. He enjoys art, music, literature, carpentry, Minecraft, and meaningful discussions. In the long run he aims to reform the engineering education toward a stronger humanistic foundation and a higher level of excellence.

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