What’s it like in Germany?

Well it’s safe to say that Germany is different from being in the states. One of my favorite differences though, is that they have a great love for bakeries. Back home I would occasionally go to the local bakery of my home town, and it was the only place you could buy fresh breads and doughnuts made the night before. In Germany there are bakeries every where. It’s really nice if your looking for a pastry for breakfast or a sandwich for lunch. It makes me wish they had a few more back in the states.

Another thing I noticed pretty early on was that the people act a bit different. I’m from a pretty small town in Minnesota and I generally will hold door for people and smile at them even if I don’t know them. This is not how Germans do things. At least not in Berlin. I’m not saying they are mean or rude, but they like to mind their own business and expect others to do the same.

Something else that took a bit longer to notice was the amazing transportation system they have in Germany. In most of America we are used to driving almost everywhere ourselves. ┬áIn Germany there really isn’t a need as long as you have a transport pass. The busses and trains can get you anywhere in the city and they are almost always right in time. It was a very convenient thing to have as a visitor because it wasn’t a problem if I wanted to go anywhere. I could just take a train down to a nearby bakery. Germany is a different place and an amazing experience I’m blessed to have.

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