The Köln Cathedral

If there is any one most impressive building that I have seen on this trip it. Is definitely the cathedral at Köln. It’s an absolutely massive building with some incredible stone work. Also the city does a nice job of showcasing it. When you arrive at the train station there is a huge glass wall looking over onto the building, so it’s the first thing you see in the city.

The next day we actually attended catholic mass at the cathedral. I’ve been to plenty of very traditional Lutheran service back home so it wasn’t that different in my opinion. I just couldn’t understand most of the words. The organ was amazing though. To hear it played by a very good organist in a place ment to have an organ played was really cool. The sound echoed though the whole cathedral.

I’ve always had mixed feelings of people being tourists in a church. A cathedral that size was made for the purpose of being looked at though. And there are many American tourist destinations around the world that are religious to other people. To me, the building was made to praise God so other people should be free to look at it and be amazed by our God too.

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