Week One: The adventure begins

I apologize for posting so late, I have had my posts for couple of weeks but never got them out. This is what I wrote a week into the trip:

This first week has been pretty interesting. There are so many similarities between Berlin and the US that it kind of feels normal when walking around the city. (Except the fact that everyone is speaking a language that I only know about 50 words) Also the great and extensive transits system is really nice. It’s kind of weird, back in the states a 30 minute drive to go somewhere is a trek but taking public transit(something I am not used to) takes minimum of 40 minutes to get anywhere. And it never feels that long but after you wait for the first bus then transfer, sometimes a couple of times, it’s usually been an hour even if you have only gone 5 miles. So that has been interesting. Some things that I miss from home are air conditioning, tacos, and water. However I have found some foods hear that I really like. One is the Döner Kabab which is a Turkish like sandwich.


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