Sachsenhausen and the Holocaust Museum

The holocaust museum in Berlin was the first actual holocaust museum that I have been to, apart from a few monuments.But this does not mean I have known nothing about it. Throughout my schooling years I have read book after book of stories about people’s stories. Also quite a few of movies who’s soul purpose was to show the atrocities of the war. However standing in the place where it happened is a wholly different level on its own. I walked the Sachsenhausen camp by myself with the audio tour not speaking a word. The place in the camp that was the hardest to come to terms with where the three lumps in the ground that where the three mass graves that where found outside of the crematorium. Over 40,000 people’s ashes had been thrown in those holes. I stood there and stared at it. There was nothing else I could do, silence was the only thing someone could do.

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