Reflections on Germany

Germany was great, to be succinct. To be a little more elaborate, Germany showed me what I appreciate about the United States, but also what was fascinating about Germany and the culture of Germany. Germany was fascinating because of the history that could be found if you just observe your surroundings. I loved the food in Germany, such as döner and the simple German breakfast of brötchen, meats, cheeses, and cucumbers or tomatoes. I appreciated the quiet places in Berlin and around Germany, with their parks being no exception. Seeing first hand the influence of refugees on Germany was extremely interesting and thought provoking.

I also learned a lot about engineering through the statics and dynamics class. I began to see real examples of engineering at work that I could connect to my class. One of the most important things about this trip was getting to know people. I am thankful that I became friends with many of the people on the trip. I am thankful for the blessings that God has given me on this trip. Thanks to the Professors and all who made this trip so great.

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