Vielen Dank! Tschüss!

SPIG 2017 is easily the coolest thing that I will have done in my time at Calvin. The program lasted only six weeks but we. did. so. much. So many new experiences and memories made, and yet, much of what was foreign and strange to us at the beginning of the trip is now so dear and familiar that part of me feels as if I am leaving behind a kind of “home away from home” at St. Michael’s Heim and TU Berlin.

Having seen and visited important history in places such as Sachsenhausen, the Holocaust Museum, grand cities and others that were destroyed by the war, this trip was truly humbling. Having been immersed in a culture completely foreign to me with its food, its castles and cathedrals, and its people and worldviews, this trip was eye-opening. Having interacted and worshiped with Christians living on the other side of the planet in a language not my own but concerning truths that supersede language barriers, this trip was encouraging! Having recognized that the German culture is broken and void of morality in many aspects (as is American culture in both similar and differing ways), this trip was sobering. And having formed and strengthened relationships with both my peers and my professors, whether in class, on an “excursion”, or cranking out those homework assignments late at night in the cafeteria, this trip was a true joy and a blessing.

And finally, with all the study and the travel—both the stresses and the fun times—this trip has me excited to see all that God has in store for me as I continue to pursue a degree and a career in engineering. Thank you to all those who helped to make this trip possible, and to all those that patiently waited and prayed for us back in the states!

Vielen Dank! Tschüss!

-Dan Karel

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