First Thoughts

The reason that I am on this summer trip is to learn more about Germany and spend some time in the very historic region of Europe. I am excited to learn engineering at a different school, and I look forward to seeing what the German class will be like as well. 

As for a classroom outcome, I anticipate a more difficult course than I have taken yet, and I know that there will be points at which I struggle. Despite this, I hope to learn the information well and I anticipate my grade to reflect this.

A personal strength that I can give to this group is my ability to lighten the mood and make people laugh. I don’t know a lot of the people on this trip yet, but I think that as I spend more and more time with everyone, my joking and carefree side will come out a little more.

My prayer for this summer is simple- I need God to clear my mind. I have been struggling with a lot of things lately and I just pray that this trip can act like an outlet to that for me. I need sometime away, and now seems like the perfect time. I would also ask that people pray for my success in the class and just an amazing time in general.

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