Reflections on Bremen

Let me start off by saying that I had the best Latte macchiato in Bremen, so it’s definitely at the top of my list of favorite German cities

I didn’t have any expectations about what Bremen would be like because I don’t remember hearing anything about Bremen. When I got there I got major Harry Potter Diagon Alley vibes and all over Bremen, they had blankets, shirts, mugs, etc. with four animals on them: a donkey, dog, cat, and hen stacked on each other (in that order). That’s when I remembered that I had actually learned something about Bremen: the Brothers Grimm fairytale about the four animals. The fairytale is called “The Bremen Town of Musicians.” The gist of the fairytale is that the four animals decide to run away to Bremen after they are mistreated by their owners, and become musicians.

We passed by the statue with the four animals stacked on each other and decided to recreate the picture. Let’s just say… poor Martin :/

Bremen also had some great food. I tried my first German brat in Bremen, and it was sehr lecker! I also tried some amazing chocolate from Bremen that was coffee flavored. It was like drops of heaven. In Bremen, we also went on a boat, and boats are always fun. It was a nice opportunity to see all the beauty of Bremen while just conversing with others. Lastly, we had a group dinner and of course, enjoyed some delicious Schnitzel. 10/10 would recommend Bremen!




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