Course Assignment #8: elevator speech

“How was Germany?”

Germany was great! We spent a week at Calvin before going to Germany. We were all very sad to hear that Professor De Rooy was unable to make the journey when we set off from Calvin. We then spent five weeks studying Statics and dynamics. We would spend the weekdays studying and the weekends traveling around Germany. Every weekend we went to a different place although our main base and place of study was Berlin.

The first weekend was spent getting to Germany and we visited the Brandenburg gate, the Jewish museum, and an international Church Berlin. The church was led by a couple well known to Calvin, they were David Kromminga and Mary Buteyn. The next weekend, we traveled around Berlin and attended service at the famous Berliner Dom.

The weekend after this, we left Berlin. We went to Heidelberg, Koblenz, and Koln. The weekend after that, we went Lubeck and Wittenberg. Then, in the final weekend as a group, we traveled to Bremen. The final week was free travel. Our group went to Vienna, Stuttgart, and Munich. We went to plenty of Museums and visited a few Schlosses.

The food in Germany was great! Doner kebabs were a pleasant surprise, currywursts were delicious, and the pork knuckles were unforgettable. Although not German, pizza and gelato were also very good. And of course, for drinks, beer, waldmeister, and Almdudler were also very good.

Overall Germany is a beautiful country with beautiful scenes and food. I really enjoyed this trip.

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