Initial reflections of Berlin

My first impressions of Berlin are that there is more open space than any other European city that I have visited. I was excited to come visit Germany because soccer and or Futbol is the most popular sport in the country. I have been able to try new foods, Doner is my favorite. I have also come to appreciate public transportation which I don’t use in the united states. I miss free drinking water and air conditioning. The things I would bring back are these candies called Fruit and Mezzo Mix which is Cola mixed with Fanta. Mezzo Mix is only sold and produced officially in Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. I am pretty sure I could make my own Mezzo Mix at home.

A visit to Sachsenhausen

After visiting both the Holocaust museum and the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp, I realized how much of an impact that the holocaust had on the history of Germany during WWII and affects the country today. The holocaust was one of the largest genocides in recorded history where the Nazi party wanted to create the “perfect race” of Germans so in order to do that they sent P.O.W.’s (Prisoners of War), Jews, or anyone against the regime into concentration camps like Sachsenhausen all over Germany and the other areas that they occupied during the war, where they were malnourished, worked to death, or killed via gas chamber . After the war and to this day, Germans are not proud of their nations past. Today in Germany, students are required to visit the holocaust museum and or concentration camps to prevent history form repeating itself. Personally, it scares me how man could do such horrors to other men just because they weren’t like them. The visit was a sobering experience that I will always keep with me always.