Elevator speech

Summer program in Germany was a success and fascinating experience. I enjoyed seeing a lot of cool German cars on the streets. Plus, I went to Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes museums and saw awesome cars in chronological order. I was able to see a lot of beautiful churches and buildings on every weekend trip. I loved to eat and drink Döner, currywurst, and beers. I also explored one of the beer festivals with good music and a massive crowd. Last but not the least, I was happy that I spent my time with good colleagues and professors.

Reflections on Köln

It was a great experience for me to attend the worship at the high mass in the Köln cathedral. The cathedral was huge and beautiful. It was impressive how the cathedral survived even after the world war, and Germans did their job so well that they could maintain the structure. I liked that I could listen to amazing organ music during the worship, which is not a common musical instrument used in churches back home, and the burning of incense was also interesting to see and smell. On the whole, it seemed more like the worship leaders were being more serious and holy even though I could not really understand sermon. But still, it was a wonderful experience.

Initial reflections on Germany

I was surprised how Germans could survive from the severe heat during the summer. It is really difficult to find a place with air conditioning. I expected at least every classroom and public transport such as buses and trains would have air conditioning, but most of them do not have it. Another thing I noticed was, I think the population is relatively well distributed throughout the German cities. It is common to see that the capital city of most countries is densely populated in a way that it is almost a disaster during a rush hour. But it is not the case in Berlin. It is also interesting to see that most people, at least in Berlin, speak English, which makes me able to communicate with them. I wish we also have friendly and safe beer festivals back home.

Reflections on Holocaust museum

Visiting holocaust museum was a memorable piece of experience. It was a living history, where I was able to see how rough Jewish’s life looked like during the WWII. I could see a lot of tragic stories of each Jew, not only from those who were died but also from who survived. I think Germans are doing a good job of preserving the history. Instead of hiding what they did during the war, they are showing their shame to the public, which would let them not to repeat the same faults that they made in the past. I think it is a good place not only for tourists but also for young generations of Germans to learn about their history.

First Thoughts

Summer program in Germany is perhaps one of the best opportunities that Calvin provides to students, especially for engineering students. I decided to take this opportunity not only to study statics and dynamics, but also to explore German cultures. I hope to learn to manage my time and keep up my studying habits by being forced to do my homework everyday. My personal strength is my positive attitude towards anything, and willingness to help others. My prayer is everyone’s safety, health and success in studies. I hope that we all would enjoy every second of our time in Germany and have a memorable experience.