Tim’s Guide to Alcohol Free Drinks in Germany


Germany is a country world renown for it’s beer, so I encourage anyone who is here and of legal age to give it a shot. Beer is heavily ingrained in the culture here, and frequenting something like a beer-garden is a cultural norm.

But for those who insist on staying alcohol free, or want a break from it, I have compiled a list of beverages that contain no alcohol (<0.5% legally) and my review of them.

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A Summary of My Time in Germany

It was fantastisch. Studying in a foreign city for five weeks and exploring other ones on the weekends gave a great sense of the culture, both as a citizen and as a tourist. Schnitzel and Doners, sehr lecker. Die Autos were interesting, but I wasn’t used to using public transport that much, so that sucked. And air conditioning is not common, so being there in a heatwave was irritating. But overall it was a great time filled with new experiences and memories I’ll never forget.

Oh yeah, and if you’ve ever heard someone say, “The beer there is cheaper than water”, it’s usually true, but the beer was not cheap, the water was expensive.

I’ve heard the program is going to shut down after next summer which is a real shame. The program is a great opportunity to study engineering and German(y) in a practical and fun way.

PS. For my free week of traveling, I went to Venice, Konstanz, and Prague which was a blast. All three places were drastically different in many ways and were fun to explore and relax in.

Summer Program in Germany 2018

                I first heard about Calvin’s Summer in Germany Program (SPIG) when I applied to the college. Hidden in the application form was a section that asked if I were interested in the program, it was a simple yes or no response. I thought it could be fun, so I selected “yes”. A few months passed, and after some research I came to the conclusion that the SPIG would be a great opportunity to fulfill degree requirements in both a practical and fun way. With the realization that I have never been outside of North America, I excitedly pursued the program. Continue reading “Summer Program in Germany 2018”