Student blog assignments

Summer 2018
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For the summer of 2018, all students must complete 5 blog posts on the course blog. It is mandatory that all students complete the final blog question as one of the 5 posts. Students may answer more than 5 questions. Students may also add more blog posts not related to the blog questions – including sharing pictures etc.
At various times during this summer program the professors will ask the students to answer some questions on our blog. The students will get to pick and choose which questions to answer.

Course Assignment #1: First Thoughts (tag: blogQ1)

Summarize, report and reflect on these questions: Why are you on this summer program? What do you hope for a class outcome? What is a personal strength that you can contribute to the group? What is your prayer for this summer program?

Course Assignment #2: Reflections (tag: blogQ2)

Reflect on some of the events of WWII by commenting on some of the following: Our visit to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp or our visit to the holocaust museum.  You might choose to include insights into how this history perhaps affects Germany today or how these experiences affected you personally.

Course Assignment #3: Initial Reflections on Germany (tag: blogQ3)

You have been in Germany for a week.    What are some of your impressions on this past week.  What are some things that you did not expect?   Are there things from home that you miss?  Are there things here in Germany that you wish were back home?