Trip to Bremen

This summer we took a day trip to the city of Bremen. Like many of the other places we visited Bremen was very touristy and bustling with people. However Bremen was the first touristy city we had visited that wasn’t a tourist spot for Americans. It was really interesting to see a popular location unaffected by American culture.  Out of all the cities we’ve visited so far, I could see myself living here the most. I really loved the older town square and the cathedrals around town. The city was absolutely gorgeous, when we had time to wander around, I took a lot of pictures and explored every church I could find. I’ve loved seeing all the churches throughout Germany, and Bremen had a lot to offer. I found a church that had an underground portion that was open to view and it was really cool, both figuratively and literally! It was really hot out so a break from the sun was fantastic. After seeing a lot of the older portion of town, a few of us went to see the more modern city, which was a lot more like the other cities we’ve been to. Overall our trip to Bremen was really fun because we got to see a city that still had a lot of intact older buildings and lots of German culture.

Bremen: a Town That Loves Its Animal Statues

Aside from Heidelberg, Bremen was by far the cutest and most touristy city that the group visited! Of course, the city had its staple trio꞉ a fancy cathedral, brats, and beer… BUT I was charmed even beyond that by the historical monuments, exceptional chocolate, and assortment of adorable shops. Continue reading “Bremen: a Town That Loves Its Animal Statues”