Favorite company visits

Throughout this trip we have been able to see and accomplish so much. One of the many things we have been able to do is tour many different businesses. Here are a few that stood out to me.

The first place that stood out to me was Vermeer. Our tour guild Baaker who showed us around the company was very easy to listen to, and after going through all the businesses that we did he was diffidently my favorite person to listen to. He did a great job explaining so that both engineers and business students could understand. During this tour we were also able to learn about some of the biggest cultural differences of businesses in Europe and the United States. One of them being people in Europe are less afraid to share their ideas 

The next was Gentex which was probably my favorite. Not only was the tour of their facility really cool the provided us with amazing snacks. One thing that stood out to me with Gentex was how excited they were for the future. Another thing that stood out to me was that the plant in Germany was primarily used for distribution and they ship over 300,000 mirrors each day. And each of their customers want the mirror packed and shipped to them differently. 

The last one that really stood out to me was Mercedez-Benz. Being able to see just a portion of this company was amazing. The amount of robots that are being used and the amount of cars that they are able to assemble per day which was 1,800. 

Being able to see all these businesses, the differences between them, and the similarities between them has been really cool and eye opening, it shows that there is not just one way to be successful. You just need to find what is going to make your business or career successful.

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