Ready for Home

It’s been such an amazing three weeks traveling across Europe. I’ve experienced and done more things than I can even remember (seriously the profs make our groups recount what we did every 4-5 days or so and we can hardly remember without looking at our itinerary). Sometimes it’s even hard to remember what we did one day ago because we do so much! We’ve been flooded with new memories, experiences, and friends, and it’s been the best time ever.

While I’ve had the best trip in Europe, I am really looking forward to being back in America. I’ve missed so many things about our culture that we take for granted until we leave. Some specific cultural things I’ve missed are free water, free restrooms, pizza that’s actually sliced for you, venmo (at restaurants they give you one check the majority of the time and it’s always difficult keeping track of who you owe in euros), American fast food restaurants (taco bell), English, and more.

It’s been such a great trip, but it’ll feel good to be back 🙂


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