Checking Out Church in Wittenberg!

When the SPIG gang and I first got off the train to see the city of Wittenberg, the first thing I noticed was how quiet the city was. Sure, it was the morning, and yes, Sundays are the day of rest. However, aside from almost getting hit by a bike, the first 20 mins of walking in the streets felt like stumbling upon a ghost town. Continue reading “Checking Out Church in Wittenberg!”

Bremen: a Town That Loves Its Animal Statues

Aside from Heidelberg, Bremen was by far the cutest and most touristy city that the group visited! Of course, the city had its staple trio꞉ a fancy cathedral, brats, and beer… BUT I was charmed even beyond that by the historical monuments, exceptional chocolate, and assortment of adorable shops. Continue reading “Bremen: a Town That Loves Its Animal Statues”