Adventures in Germany in color!

The following are pictures of some of our adventures in Germany and descriptions of the pictures. Hopefully this allows those of you at home to get a better glimpse of what we are up to.

In no particular order, I shall start with this weekend. Yesterday we went to Bremen, which is a beautiful city. This isn’t about the city of Bremen however. It is about the trip there. The way that the Deutsche Bahn (German railways) does tickets is that for one price you get a ticket valid on any train. If you pay more you get reserved seats on a specific train. The unfortunate result of this system is that trains often end up overfilled. Our trip to Bremen was one such example of an overfilled train. In this picture one can see that some of us (myself, AJ, and Trevor to be precise) spent the trip between the doors at the end of carriage, which wasn’t so bad.

The second picture is also from Bremen. This picture is a representation of how much out group has bonded and the fun that we have as we explore unfamiliar cities. In this instance we were laughing about the ‘kult’ we found and it spawned this impromptu picture.

The final picture is from Heidelberg. After we went our separate ways, 6 of us went back to the hotel and then went for a hike up on the mountain behind the hotel. It was an absolutely gorgeous evening, and though the way up was strenuous the light and the views more than made up for it. This is a picture that I took using a self timer of the group who went on the hike.

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