What it’s like

The streets:

In the streets of Germany you will find currywurst with fries and doner kebaps (the best street food to grace this place called earth). In the larger cities, you will find street performers and artists of all sorts. Coming across a talented performer/group on the streets is always a lot of fun. Narrow cobblestone alleys are quickly filled by our large crew.

Oh yeah, and some other interesting menu options…..

The Churches:

There are some amazing churches and cathedrals in Germany. We’ve spent a lot of time climbing stairs above churches, and the views have been very much wort it!


The memorials:

By now you’ve seen many posts about our visit to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. There is so much history held here in Germany, and the many memorials that we’ve visited are important reminders of what many have accomplished and what many have had to endure.

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