Reflections on Wittenberg

If I had to say what impressed me most about Wittenberg, it would be the extent to which Martin Luther is integrated into the character of the city.

Of course, Martin Luther is a great role model around which to build a city’s identity. Going through his former home/museum dedicated to his life showed me how brave, intelligent, and God-fearing he really was. That being said, that’s all that I saw around the city. It was all Luther statues, Luther monuments, Luther souvenirs, and even Luther beer.

I suppose it came as sort of a surprise to me since all the world-class cities I’ve visited in my life (including Berlin, our base for the trip) have either had multiple historical events take place there or are large enough to have plenty going on in the present. It’s not very difficult to see why Wittenberg as a whole is struggling for relevancy.

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