A Trip to Bremen

While Bremen was not a very large city, it was still very fun to explore. It was a bummer that it was raining at times, but we still found fun things to do. We went on a delightful boat ride where we saw an abandoned U-Boat dock, then explored the city and recreated the Bremen Stadtmusikanten tower.

For anyone who has encountered the phrase “stinking rich”, it seems a bit counterintuitive. In most people’s minds, rich people should smell just fine because they have enough money to bathe frequently and surround themselves with pleasant scents. However, the term comes from times where rich people would pay to have their bodies buried underneath churches. In most cases, once the bodies started rotting, the smell would permeate through the floor, filling the church with the stench of a corpse. However, in the crypt of a certain church that we visited, radioactive materials present preserved the corpses of those buried there perfectly. We observed numerous bodies from centuries past that were more than just skeletons, which is more than I expected to be left.

In all, Bremen was a very interesting place with an interesting history. It was very enjoyable to simply walk around, as it is very tourist-friendly without being too busy. It was the perfect place to visit because it was unique enough to feel important to visit while being small enough to not be stressful to visit. Sometimes large crowds make traveling unenjoyable, but there are not too many people to spoil the experience.

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