Last week we had the chance to get to visit Dynajet. To be frankly honest, walking in I was not all that impressed. Unlike the other places we had visited, they didn’t have a grand entrance or forum and not to mention, no snacks. But do not let this fool you. Dynajet turned out to be one of my favorite visits. And why is that? It was because it was so different from the rest. I loved learning about what it is like to be a part of a smaller business. 

I’ve always assumed I would want to work for a big corporation with lots of opportunities and potential to move up. I was so narrow minded and believed that would be the only way to have success. After visiting Dynajet, my eyes opened up a bit. We were able to talk to some employees at Dynajet about what it was like to be a part of a smaller business. Though they acknowledged they don’t have the same potential to move up, they did talk about the opportunities they are given. That is, they have the chance to work better as a team. You may come into the office one day and if a person is sick, you may have to take over their work even if it means working at the copy machine for 3 hours. You are challenged and pushed outside of your comfort zone and may have a broader view of the whole business. You have more “pull” in the business and don’t have to get everything approved by so many levels. You see the way the success of the company directly affects you, and therefore you take pride in your work. Ultimately Dynajet has opened up my eyes to the possibility for working for a smaller company.

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