Course Assignment #6: Reflections on Wittenberg

In a country with so many elaborate churches, why do you think religion has lost its importance and does not appeal to people like it used to? Do you think this could happen to America in the future? Why or why not?

In a religion and philosophy class in high school, I heard about a European evolution of religion. It would start off as Paganism then proceed to Monotheism then conclude with Atheism. I imagine Europeans believe this evolution and are weary of all the wars that have been fought in the name of religion. And so, I would imagine this feeds their mindset on how they are superior to Americans and religious countries because they have reached the end of this evolution. Our German Language professor also shares this opinion as she explained how Europe isn’t religious while America is.

I believe that religion only survives in places of desperation or societies where religion is valued very highly. Germany is not in desperation and their society no longer values religion very highly. They have realized how easy and guiltfree life could be without religion. They don’t need to worry about what happens after death because this life is what they have and see. The stigma that comes with religion has also soured its image. They have seen people who say they are religious but act as bad or worse than unreligious people but with an ignorance that is too much to tolerate.

I do not see this happening in America. But what happened in Europe will not happen in America in these two scenarios: One is where the Churches remain ignorant and the extremists who goes to church stay ignorant. Another is where the Churches have a major reform to accept and love as well as value kindness and faith over pompous action. I hope religion survives.

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