Course Assignment #8: elevator speech

“How was Germany?”

Germany was great! We spent a week at Calvin before going to Germany. We were all very sad to hear that Professor De Rooy was unable to make the journey when we set off from Calvin. We then spent five weeks studying Statics and dynamics. We would spend the weekdays studying and the weekends traveling around Germany. Every weekend we went to a different place although our main base and place of study was Berlin. Continue reading “Course Assignment #8: elevator speech”

Course Assignment #6: Reflections on Wittenberg

In a country with so many elaborate churches, why do you think religion has lost its importance and does not appeal to people like it used to? Do you think this could happen to America in the future? Why or why not?

In a religion and philosophy class in high school, I heard about a European evolution of religion. Continue reading “Course Assignment #6: Reflections on Wittenberg”