One week later…

There are so many things that I could take about for my impressions of my first week, but I will narrow it down to food, architecture and transportation.

The food is amazing. Maybe by the end of trip I’ll get sick of eating currywurst and döner kebab from street vendors but for know I’m enjoying cheap street food. There are some things I miss from home like free easily accessible water. That the Germans don’t all die of dehydration is a miracle. At least the ALDI has cheap drinks.

There is also a lot of cool architecture in Berlin. Last weekend we saw the Berliner Dom which is absolutely beautiful. This last weekend we went to the American church in Berlin and got to see the ‘attic’ with the top of the arches and the rafters. We also saw the bell tower which was really tall and impressive. The stations for the S-Bahn are all really cool too.

The public transportation in Berlin is amazing. There are busses almost everywhere and the S and U bahns cover the rest of the city. The busses and the S and U bahns also run every ten minutes or so depending on the location and the line. This makes getting into town to a desired location quick and easy. I think by the end of the trip I’ll be glad to be able to go home and drive again, but I won’t miss the convenience of the busses and whatnot. Grand Rapids could use an S-Bahn for sure…

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  1. Kees: Free accessible water in Europe comes from this device called a “tap”. Actually, it does in America, too.

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